The Dogs Deserve It.

Asche K9 has joined in the efforts of preserving the true working line German Shepherd Dog. Our breeding program will produce dogs which are genetically and structurally sound as well as dogs with balanced temperament, strong nerves, and that exhibit various drives. We believe in building on what our predecessors before us have already established, and staying true to the breed standard that originated with Max von Stephanitz. Our dogs will come from Czech working lines, West working lines, as well as East German/DDR working lines.

The Czech working dogs were originally produced to pass health standards and display extreme working ability mainly for Czech border patrol. These dogs had to have strong nerves, stability, awareness and a hardness to their temperament to perform this type of work.

West German working line is believed to be the line that is closest to the original breed created by Max von Stephanitz. They are extremely calm and collected, hard working dogs, who have an intense drive to please their owners.

East German/DDR GSDs were also bred for military services, being trained and assessed for duties such as guarding, patrol, and protection. The government regulated the breeding in East Germany so strictly that all standards for the breed were able to be maintained at a high level. Thanks to the regulations, the pedigrees, health, and temperament were not compromised.

In our opinion these lines offer fewer genetic issues and provide us with solid working dogs. We believe in following the SV breed standards to provide top quality dogs for placement here in the US. We will provide dogs suitable for family protection, military, police, and sport.

Our dogs come from Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.


Our females are purchased to compliment and potentially reproduce our desired Stud/working dog. We do not sacrifice quality for demand. The choosing of these females is very selective and we will continue to match up our females with the studs that are best suited to maintain our breeding standards.



Our breedings produce puppies from exceptional and proven working bloodlines, to be top quality working, sport, military, police, and family protection dogs.



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