Ibon Jipo-Me (Owned By Wendelin Farm)


About Ibon Jipo-Me (Owned By Wendelin Farm)

IBON belongs to the 2nd bloodline from his sire’s (KERY Kamos
Durabo) side and he belongs namely to the branch that was
founded by FERO v. Zeuterner Himmelreich. From his dam’s
(MASA Jipo Me) side he carries very significant working blood of
3rd bloodline through the following dogs GRIM z Pohrani6n6
stride, DARGO Ha-Ja-Da and XANT z Jirkova dvora. IBON is a
product of inline breeding 4ΓΏ5 :5 on GRIM z Pohrani6ni strife.
Among his significant ancestors within the 4 generations of his
pedigree belong Slovak Champion and 5* World Championship
contestant NORBO Ben-Ju, 2* Czech Republic contestant BARO v.
Kuhlen Norden, FCI World Championship contestant SIRK v.

IBON is large according to the standard with tons of energy. He is
willing to do any work with his handler. IBON is a dog with clear
head but at the same time with very high prey and defence drives.
These two drives are 50/50 mutually balanced. IBON has also
great social behavior.
From his father he inherited on/off effect and therefore he’s able
to rest and get activated for the top performance immediately.
From his mother’s side ancestors he inherited the ability of
concentrated focus while tracking. From DARGO Ha-Ja-Da he
inherited absolutely fast, strong and exact protection including
final guarding.

IBOn can be used everywhere where there is a need to improve
working drives of the progeny, to improve energy level and
hardness necessary for protection. He is also suitable to be used
everywhere where there is need to improve the color of the
pigmentation and overall health.

  • Birthdate: 20110801
  • Gender: Male
  • Title: ZVV1, ZPO1, BH, IPO3
  • Show: Velmi dobry (very good)
  • Hip and Elbow Rating: 0/0, DNA
  • Breed Survey: 1st class 5VQ1/P