Jaja Zomboch IPO 1, SVV1


About Jaja Zomboch IPO 1, SVV1

Jaja Zomboch
Titles: SVV1, IPO1
Top Scores: Tracking- 95 Obedience- 94 Protection-99

Jaja’s Pedigree Link

Jaja is the product of a strong pedigree full of 5th line champion-level dogs going back to Lord vom Gleisdreieck.
This female has amazing athletic ability combined with firm and steady confidence! Jaja packs a lot of power. The most notable trait of this gorgeous female is her tremendous resilience and tenacious fight drive. She shows a high degree of loyalty to her handler and is energetic in guarding. She has a killer long bite, full, calm, and hard grips on the sleeve. She is able to handle an enormous amount of pressure and responds with controlled aggression. She loves to train, and never quits! Performing obedience exercises quickly. She is truly the definition of a working dog.

  • Birthdate: 20160601
  • Gender: Female
  • Title: IPO 1, SVV1
  • Hip and Elbow Rating: A/A

Photos of Jaja Zomboch IPO 1, SVV1