Pagan Cetrio IGP 1


About Pagan Cetrio IGP 1

Pagan is a large sable male from lines going back to Rolf v. Osnabrucker Land. Although this line has produced numerous top sport dogs, Pagan himself is not your average sport dog. Pagan is a very serious and hard dog with very strong dominant traits. He is a one handler dog that would protect his people with no training at all. He has an outstanding temperament and is social but it is very apparent that his priority is his handler. He is an intelligent dog that learns very fast. He is proving to be an outstanding tracker that never quits. His ball drive is extreme and grips are full and very hard.

  • Birthdate: 03/29/2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Title: BH
  • Hip and Elbow Rating: HD Normal ED Fast Normal

Photos of Pagan Cetrio IGP 1