Sarko z Jirkova Dvora x Nufi z Jirkova Dvora 2018

Asche K9 in the US is proud to announce the acquisition of one of the top breeding females in Czech Republic  Nufi z Jirkova Dvora  ZVV2, Breed surveyed 1st Class 5U1/P of the world renowned Jinopo Kennel in Czech Republic. Jinopo is comprised of former breeders of the infamous nationally owned border patrol kennel Pohranicni Straze (z PS)  Nufi was bred before leaving Czech Republic to one of the country’s top studs Sarko z Jirkova Dvora ZM, BH, ZZ0, ZVV1, IPO3, Breed Surveyed 1st Class 5JQV1/P. This pedigree is heavily influenced by iconic dogs from old blood European working lines of DDR, Pohranicni Straze Border Patrol, and world renowned West German Working branches. Progeny of this pairing are expected to display excellent working qualities of health, temperament, solid nerves, confident in all environments, balanced drives, trainability, courage, and free of hip and elbow dysplasia with correct build and structure. This is expected to be a very versatile litter, able to excel in multiple disciplines of training, suitible prospects for law enforcement, personal protection, top sport and active companion homes.
  • Dam: Nufi z jirkova dvora
  • Sire: Sarko z jirkova Dvora (Owned by Jinopo)
  • Litter Birthdate: 06/25/2018
  • Males: 2
  • Females: 6
  • Litter Price: $2200